Subject: Installation at MoMA
Date: February 9, 2001

Hi friends and colleagues,

I'm incredibly proud to say that some of my work is in the 
Workspheres exhibition, which opened yesterday at the
Museum of Modern Art. Workspheres explores how design and 
technology may shape the near future of work environments.

I was lead designer for the interactive part of the Mind'space
exhibit, a three-way collaboration between Haworth, Inc. (the 
furniture company); Studios Architecture; and DID. Paola
Antonelli introduced us, and gave us stong support throughout.
(Thanks, Paola!) It was a great pleasure collaborating with Jeff 
Reuschel and Christopher Budd, the other two lead designers,
and everyone else who worked so carefully and hard--I'll list
them all on my "insiders" site so I don't fill your in-box.

Hai Ng, JueyChong Ong, and Cliff Beshers also participated
in DID's part of the design, and Hai and Juey are responsible 
for it being a good, well-engineered computer system 
integrating a dozen or more computers and i/o devices.

I also hacked together most of the code for what you see
on the touchscreen, so those of you who know my "toys"
will see something somewhat familiar in the fluid motion
of the "information blobs" that define ad-hoc associations
in one of the views. There's a reference to mercury (and
the blobs do act that way) in today's New York Times:

I'll be putting up some more details next week, and there 
may even be a live feed from the computers in the museum, 
so take a look at next week for details.
There's a tiny bit there now, too. I'll also be speaking about
it at SmartGraphics in March, (invited by Andreas Butz) and 
the MIT Media Lab on February 21 (invited by Ted Selker).

Thanks again to all who have seen and reacted to my
tinkerings. They seem to be interesting to a wider audience
now, and it's all a result of your input, reactions, and

Best Regards,

P.S. Don't hesitate to e-mail with a remove request if you're
swamped with e-mail.

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