Here are some very informal notes about Mind'Space.
It was installed at The Museum of Modern Art, February 8, and will run throught April 22, 2001

There's a bare minimum of information here. E-mail me if you would like more.

A two-page overview.

MoMA's press release

My note to my friends about it.

More snapshots, of Mind'space under construction

An applet version of what's running on the desktop.
Warning: works best with a 1280x1024 screen; tested only on Windows 2000, MSIE.
Here's a screen capture if you don't want to run the applet.

Thanks to Karen Holland and Ken Sattersfield of Avocent for providing touchscreens to let the public interact with the exhibit.

It's been a pleasure working with everyone on the project; it was one of those rare collaborations where each person involved was exceptional at what they did.

Here are the names of the people I directly worked with, I'm sure many others put in the same talent and effort:

At (and associated with) Haworth:
Jeff Reuschel
Ronna Alexander
Brian Alexander

At Studios Architecture:
Christopher Budd
Kevin Estrada
Andrea Panico

At Continuum:
Daniele Testa
Cordy Swope
David Cohen
Matthew Abelson

At Clockwork Apple:
Christo Holloway

At MoMA:
Paola Antonelli
Sarah Robins
Jerry Neuner
Andrew Davies
K Mita
Marianne Goguillon

Tom Gibara (for Tiny XML)
Greg Makhov (at LSDI)

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