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Shrenik Sadalgi

Who Am I ?

A day dreamer, a wannabe artist, and a technology evangelist, I'd like to think of myself as a freelance photographer pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science at Columbia University. Before enrolling at Columbia, I was working on a solution that would enable publishers in India broadcast their content to a mobile audience. I helped take the product from an ideation stage to a working prototype that could be demoed to investors. Prior to this start-up experience, I've worked on multiple consulting assignments for technology companies in USA and Japan. I hail from Bangalore, India.

Why Am I Here ?

In short, I want to be at the place where Art and Technlogy intersect. From my Masters program I'd like to gain expertise in the Rich Internet Application industry in areas such as User Experience Design, Web Services, SaaS and Social Computing. Post my Masters program, I'd like to be a part of a start-up or design firm working in these areas.

Why Interaction Design ?

My interest in photography and aesthetic has influenced my life in many ways, my technical work in particular. My experiences in my wannabe artistic ventures have helped me form opinions on how things should look, feel and come together. With a good foundation in technology, I would like to improve on this "physical" capability by learning about the cognitive aspects of User Experience and Interaction Design to complete this circle.

If you're interested in photography, check out my pictures on my website. For more information about my professional career, you can check out my resume