Assignment 2 - Part B



Domain Description

Professional Photography; copying and managing photographs after a shoot; production of print-ready versions of photographs
Library; Searching for books in the library; Mobile Library Assistant;

Domain Expert

Kalyan Verma, a freelance wildlife photographer, filmmaker, naturalist, and a natural history consultant. He is a part of the team that runs India Nature Watch, an online community which hosts the largest number of wildlife photographs in Asia. He is also involved in setting up MigrantWatch, Restoration websites and natural history databases. A glimpse of his wildlife experience can be seen here.
Engineering Students

First Task

Copying photographs from the camera onto a computer for post-processing - This may seem like a trivial Copy Paste task. But at the end of a day's worth of shooting, with around 1000 pictures to copy (10GB @ 10mb/photo), I think some kind of a first pass sort is necessary while you transfer these pictures onto a computer. Only 50% of these photos may actually be touched during the post-processing and I believe it is important to scan through pictures before they are actually transferred. Little can you see on the small LCD screen behind a digital SLR - On the field, you cannot afford to check if you've really captured what you wanted the way you wanted it.

Most of the photographers I know do a copy-paste at the file-system level to transfer the photos onto a computer.

This task is to decide which pictures to copy onto the computer for post-processing at the end of a days shoot.

Searching for books when physically present at the CU Engineering Library - Students need to access a computer at the Library to search for a book, note down its call number, know (by experience or by asking the assistant at the desk or by discovering the library) where the book is located, and finally walk to the stack and fetch the book.

What if a student cannot find the book? Should they walk back and search again to see if they made a mistake noting down the call number?

What if the student cannot map the call number to a stack? Should they ask the assistant or spend time trying to figure it out

Second Task

Managing photographs on your computer - Say you, a photographer have been on assignment in the jungles of South India for the past 5 weeks. You've captured over 7000 pictures (200 good ones every day). You have one week to send your employer 100 print-quality pictures. You also want to submit some of your best pictures to the annual National Geographic contest. You'd like to upload internet-versions of some pictures onto your blog. You also want to meta-tag, geo-tag and title all the photos. You also want to keep track of where your photos have been submitted over your last n assignments (Some are with National Geographic, Some are with the local newspaper, Some have been entered into the contest, Some are on your blog, Some you gave to a non-profit organization etc). Unless you're also a meticulous person (i.e you clean up your Desktop everyday), this is a management nightmare!

Most of the photographers I know try to use their own folder-tree designs with their unique naming conventions on a file-system to manage their photographs.

This task is to manage the different versions of photographs - print, internet, editorial, contest along with their meta-data information.

Checking out books from the CU Engineering Library - Students need to hand over the book they'd like to check-out to a library assistant who then enters information into the system.

What if there is a huge queue to check-out books?


Software that ships with the camera, and other third party tools such as Adobe Lightroom are available to help a photographer import, edit and manage photographs. But these tools are very generic and are designed to do a little bit of everything. The goal of this project is to design a tool that focuses only on the management of photographs.
Both of the above tasks can be performed on a mobile device - a Mobile Library Assistant that students can use while they are performing the above tasks. The goal of the project would be to design this mobile device.