Assignment 6

Import, Tag, Search, Compare and Export Photographs on a Computer

My first sketches of the flow and the interface for the tasks of Importing, Tagging, Searching, Comparing and Exporting of photographs on a computer for a wildlife photographer

Importing and Tagging
Searching, Comparing and Exporting

Importing Photographs

Selecting and importing photographs from memory card or disk

Tagging Photographs

Tagging while importing or while managing photographs (Order : Left-Right, Top-Down). This is the scene whenever a user wants to tag a set of photos (maybe by choosing a Tag option when a user right clicks on a set of photos)

Searching Photographs

Search scene when a user wants to search for a set of photos from his/her collection. The user selects a set of relevant photos from the results and then compares them to find the best/most relevant few

Comparing and Exporting Photographs

Once the user is done selecting a set of relevant photos from the search results, they can then compare photos in this set to pick exactly what they need. After which, they can export the selected pictures according to a preset profile (Online / Print) and enter details about this export (such as usage of this photo)

Detail view of a photograph showing Meta information, usage information and the storyboard of edits on this photograph