William Morris' Peacock and Dragon
Facsimile project, 2013

Goal: a possibly first-ever accurate historical recreation of that woven tapestry
for use as curtains upstairs at Parker Electric Mfg. Co., Oakland, California.
Contact: Brad Paley
brad [at] didi.com
(917) 686-3274

The tapestry

Original image at The Art Institute of Chicago
Colors de-faded, version 5

Images of it in use at the William Morris Gallery outside London (Caution: warm lighting)


Some articles relating to WM's dyeing practices
Of Dyeing as an Art, Himself
William Morris and Indigo Discharge Printing, Virginia Davis
Mertin Before Morris, Ray Watkinson
Living Dyeing: Morris, Merton and the Wardles, Ray Watkinson

A note from the Victoria and Albert where WM describes color inspiration
("...all vermilion and gold and ultramarine; very beautiful and is just like going into the Arabian Nights.")

WM's spanish tapestry inspiration
(Cited from John Hopper's blog)